Episode 003

The guest is William Brinkman of the Bollingbrook Babbler. During the call and the intro remarks we discuss Skepchicamp, and the fundraiser that happened this past weekend.

You can find the feed at Feedburner here. The mp3 for the episode is here.

The links for the episode:

William’s site: The Bollingbrook Babbler, and his Twitter feed

Skepchicamp: Site and Twitter Feed (based on Skepticamp)

Skepchicks: Site and Elyse’s Twitter Feed

Surlyramics: Site and Twitter Feed

Twitter Feeds of other people who were at the fundraiser: Chicago Skeptics, Hemant Mehta (aka The Friendly Atheist), UAJamie, Jennifurret (aka Blag Hag), Brian (Elyse’s husband), and the guy who played some guitar.

The theme is GameDay by Seraphic Panopoly, via PodsafeAudio.

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  1. My first name is actually William. Bill Brinkman is my father. Still, thank you for the interview, and the chance to talk about The Babbler.