Vanilla Coke Zero Pro/Con List

Vanilla Coke ZeroVanilla Coke Zero is the best thing ever. I drink a lot of it. A lot. So much that I think I need to cut back.

Usually when you do something too often, YOU are the last person to realize you do it too often. So I REALLY need to cut back. Especially since I do not have a job right now.

Advatage of drinking: Tangy vanilla kick.

Disadvantages: I can spend a lot of money on it, there is the environmental impact of the cans, I go to the bathroom a lot, aluminum on the brain.

I hate to say that there are more disadvantages than advantages. I am trying to only drink six cans a day. Before I was drinking 12. That is way too much.

2012-01-30_08.25.04 Update:

Another advantage of buying Vanilla Coke Zero is I would be helping out a company that I have stock in.

Although it would be much better if you bought more Coca-Cola than me. So go buy some tangy Vanilla Coke Zero.

Image from Wikipedia, main product page on Coca-Cola site


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