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2012-01 Dividend Income

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Posted by Everyday-Freethought on 2012-02-01 at 17:09:41

Indo-Sassanian CoinageHere is my dividend income for January, 2012.

The total was $188.68. The total for the same stocks 3 months ago (October, 2011) was $208.90. As I mentioned in my previous dividend income update, Coca-Cola (KO) is on a weird dividend schedule. They paid a dividend in October, 2011, and their next dividend payment was in December, 2011. The total for October, 2011 without KO was $165.13. So I think it is fair to say my dividend income is going up.

Here are the totals:

  • Automatic Data Processing: $21.64
  • MDU Resources Group Inc: $8.71
  • Kimberly-Clark: $36.20
  • Chubb Corp: $8.11
  • Illinois Tool Works: $18.33
  • Altria Group: $22.12
  • Family Dollar Stores Inc: $4.77
  • Piedmont Natural Gas Inc: $15.10
  • Valspar Corp: $11.24
  • Cincinnati Financial Corp: $17.20
  • Sysco Corp: $13.98
  • RPM International Inc: $11.28

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