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Mindset and Improvement

A while back I was going through some old posts on Yahoo Tech Ticker. There was one post saying that employers do not really care about skill set. Instead it is mindset that is important. The title is “The ’3Gs’: Mindset Over Skill Set Critical to Landing a Job, Harvard’s Stoltz Says.”  The guest was a professor from Harvard. They also have a website and a book.

I reserved the book from my local library, and I got it today. I will be blogging about it as I go through it.

Lately I have been bookmarking sites and pages about productivity and self-improvement. I may start another category on my website about this. I have not decided what I will call it yet.

FYI: The three “G”‘s are Global, Good, and Grit.

2012-03-23 Cramer RSS Feed Typo

There is a typo on the Mad Money RSS feed for the 2012-03-23 episode:

The Dow gained 35 points, but couldn’t recover from its poor perforance ealier this week and closed out its worse 5-day stretch in 2012.  Cramer helps you form your strategy for enxt week with his Game Plan.  Plus, a tech spec with its head in the clouds.  And what the heck!?  Jim investigates the baffling rise in MDP.  Then it’s time for tweets!  Jim answers the twitterverse.

I think three in one entry is a record.

Fitness Journey 003

In the summer and winter breaks when I went to WIU (as well as the summer before going to WIU) I worked at a local grocery store. One of my duties was to collect the carts in the parking lot. I hope I do not get skin cancer; I did not wear a hat.

Pushing all that metal probably helped make me more fit, but I never really considered that as part of my transformation from couch potato to Mr Physical Fitness. I guess that is because it is not something I really chose to do. It was part of my job.

Sometimes I would only get one or two carts. Sometimes I would push in more than a dozen. (Sometimes with only one arm. Uphill. Really.) On Christmas Eve two of us would run all over the parking lot to get carts. We would have three carts between the two of us, and there would be at least four people waiting.



More “Mad Money” RSS Feed Typos

There are a few typos on the RSS feed for Mad Money.

Here is the typo for 2012-03-15:

The Dow was up 59 points today, marking 7 consecutive up days, but can it continue?  Then, NOV – taking a page from AAPL’s playbook – could its high tech ways bring you slick profits?  Plus, Dr. Cramer pits MDRX vs. CERN – which one is yoru best medicine and which gets admitted to the sell block?

Here are the typos for 2012-03-16 (two for the price of one):

The Dow wavered between positive and negative territory, but couldn’t fend off the bears and closed down 20 points.  Get Cramer’s Game Plan and find out if the recent raly could have legs next week.  Then, is the recent run in financials bankable?  Jim’s got 3 stocks that could be deposit worthy.  Then, when analysts fight – you win!  Cramer beraks down the disagreement in URBN.  And Jim cracks open AAPL’s new iPad to see what stocks are inside.

Here is the typo for 2012-03-19:

The Dow started off the week up 7 points – is it time to play stock market sweep?  Plus, have the clouds cleared for STI?  Jim’s giving the latest forecast.  Then, need to brush up on your tech stocks?  Cramer’s telling you if CL’s innovation coudl leave your portfolio feeling fresh.  And, one thumb up, the other down – Cramer dissects the disagreement in STO.

Fitness Journey 002

I went to college at WIU. I was there for two years before I transferred out. There is no interstate running through Macomb, Illinois. When my sister looked at colleges, I told her that if the city did not have an interstate running through it to cross it off her list.

Anyway, I was not really into exercise when I first arrived. The first break for which I went home was Thanksgiving break. I went home a couple of days early, and a friend of mine in the next room also went home the same day as I did. We each had a pretty heavy bag, and we were pretty tired by the time we got to the station. We left before the sun came up, and there was nobody else out at that time. It was snowing which added to the drama. It could have been a scene from a movie: “I won’t make it! Go on without me!” If wolves attacked us we would not have been surprised.

I checked on Google maps, and it was about two miles. We had walked to town before, but we were surprised that we were nearly wiped out. I guess we thought that because we were young that it would be easy for us. That was the first wake up call that I had.

While we were on the platform I spotted one of my professors. So he was also skipping town early. I said hello to him, and he knew he was busted.


Update On Latino Atheists

I have not been to the meetings for Latino Atheists in January and February, but I made it yesterday. There were a couple of new people there. One of them was from Spain. We also talked about doing a monthly podcast. One of the new guys is a medical student and was raised as a Seventh Day Adventist. He was “volunteered” to give a presentation on Seventh Day Adventism and on abiogenesis. Jose, the leader, was in the military, and was “volunteered” for a few duties in the service.

Will anything happen? Who knows? Jaime’s wife was not there. When she is there, she lays the hammer down and stuff gets done. Correlation is not causation, but it is a strong correlation.

Bad Statistics In The Wild

A few weeks ago, I went to a book salon run by the Chicago Skeptics. The book was How To Lie With Statistics.

Just today, I saw an article on Media Matters titled Another Whopper From Fox’s Graphics Department. It points out a few of the fallacies that are also in the book.


2012-03-15 Blog Title

A new blog title: Ask For the World

Fitness Journey 001

When I was growing up, I was kind of active. A little bit. I did ride my bike around town quite a bit. In the summers I would go to the pool in town once in a while.

But I was never good at sports. In the USA, that is an unpardonable sin. I also had little interest in sports. An even worse thing.

In this country I think a lot of people equate sports with fitness. Gym class had little to do with health, and a LOT to do with sports. So you had a few people doing something, and a lot of people standing around.

I think this might be part of the reason our country is so fat. A lot of people do not get the hang of a lot of games quickly. The few who do dominate the game. I think the use of sports in gym class gives people the idea that exercise and sports are the same thing, and that it is something other people do.

Dividend Journey 001

When I was growing up I got an allowance if I did my chores throughout the week. I started saving pretty early. In junoir high I would ride my bike downtown every Saturday morning. My mom got a part-time job downtown, and I had to get my allowance from her. I had to meet up with her before noon so I could get to the bank to deposit it in my savings account. I do not remember what I would do if I was not able to get to the bank before it closed on Saturday. I do not remember if I would spend it, or make a bigger deposit the next time.

The bank closed at noon on Saturdays. There was only one branch in town. I think back then banks in Illinois were limited to one branch. Banks still had savings accounts for kids where you could start with $10. I think my parents gave me the first $10. Do banks still have savings accounts for kids? I think not.

When I was in college, my parents paid for tuition, room and board. I worked over the summers and breaks for extra spending money. In addition to being Mr Physical Fitness, I was also Mr Fiscal Fitness.