Mas Oyama and Meditation

I found a site recently called Badass of the Week. One of the featured badasses was Mas Oyama. After WWII, he spent months in the mountains and trained intensely the entire time.

For a time in my life, that was what I wanted to do: go off into the middle of nowhere and practice martial arts all the time. And meditation. Lately I have felt that I have been getting lazy and lacking focus. I am trying to meditate more often.

I used to meditate frequently. I stopped several years ago. Looking back, I was less unhappy then. (I don’t know if I can ever say that I was happy.)

My watch beeps every hour on the hour. So now I start about half an hour before and wait until the beep. When I start timing, I keep looking at the watch to see if I have gone 20 minutes.

I am not too sure if I want to do martial arts anymore. Hitting people was nice, but people hitting me is not so nice.

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  1. i agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your incoming updates. just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the phenomenal clarity in your writing.

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