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Star Trek Videos Are Back Online

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Posted by Everyday-Freethought on 2013-09-05 at 00:54:27

It looks like most of the videos are back up at the Star Trek site.

I noticed a couple of days ago that I could watch an episode. I waited a couple of days and tried again. Last night I watched an episode of The Next Generation. It turns out there are a few episodes of The Next Generation that I have not seen.

I have not seen any articles online saying that CBS and Time Warner solved their dispute. I did not do a search for any. I found out about the freeze because articles about the dispute showed up all over. I assumed that articles about any resolution would filter throughout the web, but that did not happen.

So thanks to CBS and Time Warner for working things out. Group hug, everybody.

I might go to Boise, Idaho in a few weeks for my job. Perhaps I will watch some of the episodes I have not seen while I am there. I might not have access to a car while I am there, so I will need something to do. Although, I think I would prefer to drive.

Anyway, I can hold off on the Netflix subscription for a little while longer.

Image from Memory Alpha, copyright owned by CBS, assumed allowed under Fair Use.

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