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I Sold Intel and I Bought Bemis

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Posted by Everyday-Freethought on 2014-02-04 at 00:19:48

I sold Intel today. I also bought Bemis (ticker BMS). I put in limit orders, and they were filled within a minute early in the day. The day I decide to buy, and it goes down 3%. It looks like the correction that everyone keeps talking about is here.

So the clock on Intel’s dividend increases is going to be reset. I find it a bit odd that everybody thinks Intel is toast since they are not in a lot of mobile devices. People are going ga-ga over the cloud, which is all servers, and I think most of those run Intel.

I now have 100 shares of BMS. I originally bought as many shares of stocks as I could get for $1000. I dropped that idea, and tried to go for 50 shares of each. Now I want to try to get 100 shares of each. If I already have 100 due to stock splits, I will buy 100 more. 3M is down 3%, so that might be a good stock to buy soon.

Image from Bemis web site, assumed allowed under Fair Use

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