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Portfolio Update: More ExxonMobil

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Posted by Everyday-Freethought on 2014-02-16 at 23:44:09

Like many other dividend growth investors, I plan on posting changes to my portfolio.

I recently bought some more shares of ExxonMobil. My goal is to have 100 shares of each stock, and more if it splits before I get to 100. ExxonMobil has a P/E ratio under 12 (at least it did when I bought it a week or so ago). It has gone up about 5% since I bought it. I don’t like to buy when a stock is pretty high (using P/E ratio as a metric), but my real goal is the cash flow from dividends.

I admit, to a certain degree I bought because I have not bought too many new shares in a while, and I kind of felt like I should do something. I know that it is wrong to buy based on emotions rather than metrics, but this stock did seem to fit both criteria.

I also put in some buy orders for a few more stocks. If or when those orders are filled remains to be seen. They all went up in price right after I put the orders in.

Image from ExxonMobil web site, assumed allowed under Fair Use

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