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2014-02 Dividend Income Report

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Posted by Everyday-Freethought on 2014-03-01 at 23:56:24

Here is the dividend income report for February, 2014.

The monthly dividend income came out to $336.61. The yearly income total for 2014 was $496.28.

The income for February, 2013 was $248.39, and the yearly income total up through that month was $358.51.

There was a dividend from Vodafone of $31.61. Also, Vodafone sold its share of Verizon Wireless to Verizon. This means that I now own some Verizon shares. I also got some cash from the fractional Vodafone and Verizon shares ($29.08 and $37.17). I now own a whole number of shares for both stocks. Without all of these special events, the income was $238.75.

The income for November, 2013 was $252.75. Eaton paid a dividend in November but not in February. Without Eaton, the November income was $230.84. So I guess I am getting ahead.

Here are the stocks and the income amounts for February, 2014:

  • ABM Industries Inc: $8.42
  • AT&T: $26.67
  • WGL Holdings Inc: $13.36
  • Lowe’s Cos Inc: $9.47
  • Vodafone: $31.61
  • Air Products & Chemicals Inc: $10.86
  • Texas Instruments: $15.97
  • Colgate-Palmolive: $36.00
  • Clorox Co: $38.28
  • Hormel Foods Corp: $9.35
  • Northwest Natural Gas Co: $25.48
  • Abbott Laboratories: $11.56
  • Procter & Gamble: $33.33
  • Vodafone: $29.08
  • Verizon: $37.17

I just realized that I have been spelling Vodafone as “Vodaphone” for all this time.

Image from Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use, shrunk with GIMP by yours truly.

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