2014-04 Dividend Income Report

Here is the dividend income report for April, 2014.

The monthly dividend income came out to $196.43. The yearly income total for 2014 through the end of the month was $1,130.58.

The income for April, 2013 was $179.23, and the yearly income total up through that month was $898.59.

There is not much else to report. I am thinking about going with another broker. So far I have not made a decision.

Here are the stocks and the income amounts for April, 2014:

  • Automatic Data Processing: $27.35
  • Chubb Corp: $10.25
  • Coca-Cola Co: $32.73
  • MDU Resources Group Inc.: $9.76
  • Kimberly-Clark: $46.09
  • Illinois Tool Works: $22.29
  • Piedmont Natural Gas Inc: $18.79
  • Sysco Corp: $15.93
  • RPM International Inc.: $13.24


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