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Welcome to Everyday Freethought.

I am a software developer living in Austin, Texas, USA (United States of Atheism). On this site I mostly write about topics that are not technology-related. In this age of social media I think it is a good idea to keep your job separated from the rest of your life. So that is what I do here.

I think that people have an urge for self-expression. I doubt too many people are reading, or care what I say.

Some of the topics discussed on this site include: politics, atheism/skepticism, fitness, taking pictures of Priuses, getting used to life in Texas, and dividend investing.

There are images on this website, many of which are here to provide some visual variety to what would otherwise be a wall of text. Sometimes they are relevant to the content of a post, and sometimes they are not.

Here is my page on Think Atheist, which is now Atheist Zone. I have not logged in for a while. I don’t even know if that profile works anymore. I may have to make another profile.

Not only does this site have a disclaimer, but it also has a Star Trek disclosure.

Everyday Images archives the tweets and also the images.

Lastly: This site is not a business. I don’t need optimized search, or someone to make an app out of it, or a redesign, or a loan from the SBA.

Image number 291 from the Book of Kells at Wikipedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use.


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