Texas Groups


Groups in Texas:

  • Abilene: Population 118,117.  Abilene Atheist Community page, and Meetup group
  • Amarillo: Freethought Oasis: Website, Meetup group, Facebook page, Twitter account
  • Beaumont: So far nothing, as far as I know.
  • Brownsville: So far nothing, as far as I know.
  • Killeen: CENTEX-MAAF (Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers): Meetup group
  • Laredo: Nothing that I know of.
  • Lubbock: Freethinkers and Atheists of Lubbock Meetup group, Lubbock Atheists Meetup group
  • Midland/Odessa: Freethinkers Society of the Permian Basin: Meetup group, Facebook page
  • Waco: Nothing. Not really a surprise.
  • Wichita Falls: Secular Community of Wichita Falls: Meetup group, Facebook page
  • Center For Inquiry Austin – Here is the group’s home page, here is the Meetup group. This group is pretty active, and does something at least once a week. I think they are still a part of the Center For Inquiry. The Meetup page says they are now “an independent chapter”, but have now become an independent organization.
  • East Texas Freethinkers – A Meetup group based in Tyler
  • Secular Texas, formerly known as the Secular Legislative Action Committee (SLAC-ers) – We are a group of people who seek to monitor and possibly influence legislation related to secular issues in Texas. Among our interests are church-state separation, educational issues, and social issues affecting the “nones.” I sometimes go to meetings. The link is for the meetup group. The main web site is called Texas Theocracy Watch. The twitter feed is here.

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