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I May Add More Short Posts

I may start adding more shorter posts soon.

I would like to write longer posts. It makes me look smart. But I do not have as much time to devote to this as I would like. Or watching television. Or lots of other things.

But the urge for self-expression remains. I have a lot of small comments in text files that have been piling up for years. I would like to clean up some part of my life. I do sometimes read articles online at work and jot down notes and thoughts; sometimes they are enough for an entire post. But I do have a backlog that I would like to clear up.

Also I could react to things more quickly. However, there still might be some posts about events from a few years ago.

Also it would be a chance to look at more artwork. I try to find a painting or illustration for each post (usually they have nothing to do with the content). I have been doing some research into art from centuries ago, and I would like to keep looking into it.

Plus, I can’t let Joshua Spodek use up all the good words.

Big Jim has a lot of stuff to talk about.

Image from the Syriac Bible of Paris, dated to the 6th or 7th century, file on Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use.

Remaining 2016 Tweets

I put a page on Everyday Images with the remaining 2016 tweets that were not on the site yet.

Big Jim only tweets about the important stuff.

“Christ Carrying the Cross” by El Greco (1541 – 7 April 1614), at El Greco’s site, assumed allowed under Fair Use.

Notes About Myself to a Penpal

A few times I have found pen pals on Craigslist. The first time was when I was thinking about moving to Austin, and I emailed with a few people to see what Austin is like. A few times I have answered ads in the “Strictly Platonic” section.

Sometimes women want to see a picture, which is odd for “Strictly Platonic”. Usually when I do that, the correspondence stops. (And yes, I send a picture of my face, not Little Elvis (aka “the purple-headed warrior”, or “the love muscle”, or “the master of ceremonies”)).

Here is one that I sent recently. This person wanted me to make up stuff about myself, but frankly I thought that was too much effort. Plus she gave me two different email addresses in two successive messages, which I thought was odd.

I am a WM, 4X. I am from Chicago and I have been here almost 5 years. I live in north Austin. I came here for a job in Taylor which did not last long. I now work as a software developer in south Austin. I don’t know if I will stay in Austin for much longer. One thing I miss about Chicago is that I did not need a car there. Plus Texas is hot. I knew it was hot before I showed up here, but it is really really hot. I find it amusing when people complain about how cold it is when it is 40 degrees. If I ever complain about 40 being cold, I will pack up and move north even if I have no job lined up. Perhaps more Texans should try the Wim Hof method.

I have a sister in Florida and a brother in New York. My brother has two kids, ages 3 (boy) and 4 (girl). I have long hair because my brother is bald and my sister-in-law has no brothers, so the only guy who can show my nephew that hair is an option is me. Granted, the last time I went he really only paid attention when his sister thought it was fun to jump on me. Perhaps this is all in vain.

I used to have my hair short. I would ask for “the George Clooney look” because that prevented me from having to answer a lot of questions. (To date none of them have laughed at me or told me I was delusional.) It used to be a guy could just walk into a barbershop and ask for a haircut. Now they want a detailed description. Asking for “the George Clooney look” mostly worked, until one barber/stylist asked me if I wanted “older George Clooney or younger George Clooney?” I drew a blank for a moment since the whole point of “the GC look” was to avoid questions.

I am also growing a beard to look like Sean Connery. However, I have also gained weight, and I have heard through the grapevine that people think I am starting to look like Jack Black. This was not my intent. If visiting my niece and nephew result in nothing but them pulling my hair and scratching my face, I may revise things.

“Self Portrait as Hamlet” by Eugène Delacroix  (26 April 1798 – 13 August 1863), available at Wikiart, assumed allowed under Fair Use.

New Page: Things Trump Says He Knows

I have a new page on my site: Things Trump Says He Knows.

I think Trump knows about manipulating people, lying and being a jerk.

He claims to be an expert in more topics than I think any human could possibly be an expert in. So instead of documenting all his lies, I will start a list of things that Trump claims to know, especially things he claims to know “a lot” about.

He made this claim a few times during the campaign, and he made it in his first speech to the CIA.

I say right now: I reserve the right to stop updating this page. Because Trump thinks he knows a lot about a lot of subjects. He thinks he knows so much, I just might say, “Trump, please stop knowing so much, I can’t spend all my time updating that page.” I’m sure we will get tired of him knowing things.

Just like he said his campaign would get tired of winning. And the CIA would get tired of “so much backing”. But someone else can make a page listing all the things he says we will get tired of.

2021-07-22_22.18.52 update:

I made that page, but never did much with it. Trump, like most conservatives, likes to think he knows everything, but really knows nothing. And, like most conservatives, wants you to know that even though he was the guy in charge, the fact that everything blew up is not his fault.

Image  from Wikipedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Painting “Witches’ Sabbath” by Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes, or just Goya (1746-1828). Goya should have his own website. He’s really a wonderful artist, very artistic in his art. Nothing to do with Trump.

More Changes and Pages on the Site

I will be doing things a bit differently from now on. I will still post, but I will be putting more content on pages going forward.

I had started a category of posts about my “fitness journey”, but I decided to consolidate that into a page. (Someday I will finish it.) I also have a page for my “dividend journey” (why I decided to go with dividend investing) that started out as a post. I think some things are better on one page than split over multiple posts.

I will make something a page if I feel that posts should be consolidated, or the post is very long. If I make a change to the page, I will make a post stating that I made a change (and add an artistic image as well).

The monthly dividend reports will still be posts.

Image from Wikimedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Painting by Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665).

I May Put More Posts On Atheist Nexus

I have accounts on Atheist Nexus and Think Atheist. I have put a few posts on those sites, usually posts dealing with atheism, religion and/or science. I am toying with the idea of putting every post on those sites just to help them get some content. It’s not that I think I am a great writer or deep thinker, but I think that a social network would benefit from more content.

I am not really into Facebook at all. So if I can help any alternative to Facebook survive and thrive, then I am all for it. Although I do find the Ning platform a bit awkward at times.

I don’t know how people will like having posts about other topics on there. But it might help dispel the idea that atheists can only talk about one topic. On the other hand, it is okay for a site to be about one topic.

Image from Atheist Nexus, assumed allowed under Fair Use

Site Updates 2013-12-26

I made a few updates to the site over the past few weeks.

I redid the Atheism/Skepticism pages. I think before the main page was blank, and there was a page for “Groups” which only had groups in Illinois, and a page for “Other States”. Now the main page has links to state-wide groups in other states, and there is now a page for Illinois groups and Texas groups.

I also added a couple of pages to the Lists section. I added a list of atheist podcasts and a list of podcasts about science. I have not listened to all of these. It is nice to have a list to reference when I want to hear something new.

I also have a page with a list of dividend ETFs. I might write a post soon explaining why I am looking at dividend ETFs.

Image from Wikipedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use

Update 2013-11-18

I have not had an opportunity to post much lately, and I might not post too much for a while.

I recently got a full-time job. I have been a contractor for nine months, and I accepted a full-time position. I am now travelling out to Idaho every week until January. So between working and travelling I may not have much time.

I am also having some issues going full-time. I am getting emails that I need to do some training, and I need to sign up for benefits and get a corporate credit card. I was not able to get into any of the sites to do these things. I called support, and the guy told me that I will have a different ID as an employee than I had as a contractor. I have not gotten any indication what the new ID is, or how or when I will get access to it.

I still have my company laptop, but I lost the power cord. So I might not be able to log in to get updates. I think I left it in Austin, but I am not too sure.

And today I was booted off one of my flights. I was supposed to leave for Phoenix at 3:25, but instead I got put on a flight that left at 6:45. I barely made it to the connecting flight to Boise.

An interesting note: Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly were on the flight to Phoenix.

Image from Wikipedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use

Cleaning House

The main purpose of this site is just to give me a place to express myself, even though there is rarely anybody reading.

I have a job, and I try to stay current in my field, so posting here is not always a priority. But sometimes this site can cause me a bit of stress. I start thinking of things to post, or I keep having a train of thought on a topic, and I tell myself for the 10,000th time I should write it down and get on with things.

I have a few text files on my laptop that I use to keep notes, ideas and links. And over time they build up and get a bit chaotic. I may just occasionally go through and post links and short thoughts on the topics when I feel that the files are getting too big. I doubt that I will do this on a regular schedule.

Image from Wikipedia, assumed allowed under Fair Use

A List of Area Codes

I am looking for work. I am getting calls from recruiters from everywhere. They leave messages on my Skype account. I like to know which ones to ignore, since there are large parts of this country that I do not want to move to. I like to use area codes to get an idea of where the call is coming from. Granted, this does not always work since someone could use a cel phone with an area code for a prior residence. Still, I have decided to make a list of area codes on this site.