Things Trump Says He Knows

Donald Trump has claimed to know a lot about many things.

Frankly, I think all he knows about are lying, grifting, being a jerk and manipulating people.

But he says he knows a lot about a lot of things.

He claims to be an expert in more things than I think one person can know.

So I thought I should start keeping a list.

I am sure as we go forward, there will be more things to add to the list. Because in his mind, there is no limit to the topics he is an expert in.

To start, I only have a few. I think sometimes he says he knows something, and sometimes he claims to know “a lot” about it. So I will also track that.

  • Climate Change – Article from 2016-11-23, quoting Trump from an interview on Fox News in January, 2016. Level: “A lot”. Trump claims he has received environmental awards.
  • Hacking – 2016-12-31. Level: “A lot”. Are you sure it’s the Russians? I don’t think it’s the Russians. It would look bad for me if you think it was the Russians.
  • Solar – Article from 2016-12-05, quoting Trump from previous summer. Level: “A lot”. He says he loves it, then proceeds to tell you why he’s against it.
  • Science – 2018-10-17. He says that he knows climate change is a hoax because he has “a natural instinct for science”.
  • West Point – 2017-01-21. Level: “A lot”. This was during his speech to the CIA, in which he spent a lot of time complaining about media coverage of the inauguration

Image  from, assumed allowed under Fair Use. Painting “No. 53 The Seven Vices- Foolishness” by Giotto di Bondone (c. 1267–January 8, 1337). How many 14th century artists have their own website?

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